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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lookey what I made!

So this isn't a card, but I thought it was blog worthy! We got the sweetest puppy for Christmas...Christmas eve really, an early present for the kids! And we are absolutely head over heals for this little guy! He was a little stray that my friend found over at the Greek Navy base where she lives. And we were looking for a puppy, she called me up and I instantly fell in love! We told the kids we had to wait and see and then I went and picked him up, took him to the vet and brought him home as a present, they freaked to say the least!

I have to tell you that we have lived in our current house for about 7 months and we begged and pleaded the whole time we've been here with the landlord to be able to have a puppy...what a nice Christmas present from him!

Anywho, we are kennel training him at the moment but our son keeps oogling the fancy dog beds at the vets office, they are riduculously priced here, so I had an old quilt we were getting rid of and I got a BRILLIANT idea...dog bed!

And here he is...BOLT...enjoying his new bed, he does love it so and it make me even happier since I made it myself! Our son named him Bolt because of the white mark on his chest...we thought it was fitting! His little nose is all dirty from digging in the dirt...naughty boy!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for bearing with me and my divergance from paper crafting!

Hugs and may God bless you today!




Wilfreda said...

Cute Doggy!!! Good idea for the bed. One of these days I will learn to sew (other than ripped dog toys :)

Julia said...

Great idea Silvia. It looks so pretty and comfy!

Gloria said...

cute tfs

Anonymous said...

AWWW!! Bolt, you're so precious!! ;)

Pam Varnell said...

Oh Silvia this is the best post ever. Bolt is so precious and what a great Christmas prezzie for the kiddos. He is just adorable and I love the bed you made for him.

Stempelientje said...

Hi Silvia!!
Today your candy arrived!!THANK YOU SO MUCH!!(((BIG HUG))) It is all wonderful and you have also made a very beautiful card! I am really exited about the copics!!I post something about your candy on my blog.

Now something else: What adorable and cute Bolt is!!And so good you give a rescue puppy a new life,as an animal lover I really approciate that and guess your children are very happy with your new family member! I hope that Bolt will live a healthy life and hope you have his company for many ,many years.
I see uou also have been busy crafting,I havent done much,I have became ill over the weekend but feeling better today.
Much greetings from Holland from Stempelientje.