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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Making Greek Yogurt

So a few weeks ago I saw a post on how to make Greek Yogurt...and since we used to live there I felt immediately compelled to make some! Let me tell you, whenevr tell someone that I make my own yogurt, they really look at me like I have three heads, or maybe one eye, but the process is so simple that I truly wonder why people everywhere don't make their own!

Origional instructions found here: The Little Red House

But I have changed some measurements and

cheese cloth instructions that worked better for me

What you'll NEED

*Milk (I use 1 gallon skim so it's fat free)

*1/2 Cup of plain yogurt

*kitchen thermometer

*2 cup size measuring cup

*Cheese cloth


*Large bowl

*Oven with oven light

*Table Cloth

Now for the fun part!!!

From your one gallon of milk, measure out 1/2 a cup into the measuring cup. Place the rest in a pot and set on medium heat until it boils (small bubbles, don't burn it...trust me the yogurt will not be as yummy with a burnt taste! I know from experience!)

While the milk is warming, add 1/2 a cup of the plain yogurt to the 1/2 cup of milk in the measuring cup. Set aside for now. No need to refridgerate.

Once the milk has boiled, let it cool until it reaches about 100-105 degrees F

Once it's reached the above temperature dump the milk yogurt mixture into the milk pot and stir. Add the pot lid and wrap the table cloth all around it!

Place in oven with the oben light on and wait...for 18 hours, yes I said 18!

I try to make my yogurt around lunch time so that by the next morning it's ready to be strained!

Once the 18 hours are up, you have yogurt! I'm not a thin yogurt kinda girl, it actually grosses me out to thnk about eatting it...so I strain!

I fold my cheese cloth so that it's 4 layers thick and place it in my collinder. I then carefully dump the yogurt into the strainer and then carefully place the whole thing in a large bowl. I let it drain for about 5 hours...dumping the juices every once in a while.

Now I say I drain mine for 5 hours, but really I only drain it until I have the desired thickness, so it could be two for you!

You can now eat your yummy yogurt! I usually just add chopped fruit on top and I'm golden, but you can put it in a blender and make it flavored yogurt!

With skim milk, one gallon will make me about 2 lbs of THICK, DELIIOUS yogurt!

Make sure to save about 1/2 a cup of your newly made yogurt to start a new batch!

I have found from experience that the higher the fat content he more yogurt you will get from a gallon. I made it with 2% milk once and got almost 4lbs of yogurt...more bang for your buck, but a little more fat, depends on who you're feeding it to I guess!

Thanks for stopping by! Please let me know if you have any questions!

Enjoy your kitchen!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks. I'm so excited to try it. Do you think there's another way to do it without an oven light?

Anonymous said...

I love your blog too by the way. You're really creative!

Joseph Carr said...

It’s also enlightening that you’ll achieve great results in the end - not just in making yogurts, but in everything we cook. You should pursue being inventive on this, too! If you will be able to create something new… then you can have the opportunity to share it. ;)