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Friday, March 4, 2011

Sun protecting bracelet?!

Sun exposure is a huge concern now a days...too much and you get sun burned and or skin cancer...too little and you don't get enough vitamin D to help absorb calcium. So the trick is to get just enough and with the right amount of sun protection! For my babies we slather them up with SPF 50, especially our fair skinned freckled baby!

So while living here on the Island of Crete we have come across many customes and traditions, but recently I was introduced to a new one (my good friend Anna Blogged about it HERE) Anna stated that in the old Greek customs od "March" you are to make and wear a MARTI (Μάρτη - simple handcraft made of two colors of thread: white and red) You are to wear it from the biginning to the end of March and it is supposed to protect you from the first rays of spring!

The simple string bracelet is supposed to be made of red and white, but my fashion concious 3 year old princess opted for purple and white (purple is all the rage right now you now!)

Check out Anna's Blog Crete of my Life for more fun on the ways of life on this quirky island!

Thanks for stopping by and happy stampin' or jewelry makin'!

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