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Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Snow Time: Cheap and easy gifts


I have been bitten by the blog bug again...I have stayed away for so long, but I am back!! I have missed you all dearly! So I wanted to share some cute easy peasy crafts to do with your kids...cheap and easy...and FUN!

Now that you've seen the picture...I know you're ready to get started!

Here is what you need:

- Pavers

- White spray paint

- Pom poms

- Pipe cleaners

- Acrylic paint

-Hot glue gun

- #2 pencil with a new eraser

- Fleece

- Scissors

So first you will want to get some pavers (I got mine at a salvage yard for 50cents each) and you want to make sure they are cleaned up. Then you will want to get a can of white spray paint (I got mine at dollar general for $1.30 and was able to paint 6 snowmen with it) and wait for it to dry!

Once the pain is dry, it's time to gether the children! Get a little tub of black paint and dip the eraser end of your pencil in the paint and create your eyes, mouth and buttons...repeat until you have made all your snowmen you'r ging to make. Clean pencil and use the orange paint to vreate a triangle with the eraser. Let paint dry

Cut your fleece while paint dries. I got half a yard of fleece on sale the other day for $3.50 and was able to make 18 scarves out of that! (comes out to 19cets per scarf!)

Cut pipe cleaner in half and glue on. 99 cents per pack of 12 (makes 24 snowmen)

Glue on Pom poms. One pack with 7 pom poms was 99 cents

voila...cuteness cubed! These make great Christmas presents for teachers, bus drives, grandparents...friendly neighbor with a beard!

I love the one wit the mustashe...and the one with the awesome smile (made by my daughter (6)for her teacher!)

Total cost per snowman?

Here is the breakdown:

Paver: 50 cents
Paint: 22 cents per dude

Pipe Cleaner: 4 cents

Pom poms: 28 cents

Scraf: 19 cents

paint: 3 cents

Grand Total: $1.26 per gift...and that my friends ain't bad!!! Add a little bag of cookies and you are all set to be theawesomest gift giver around!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed it

Come back real soon!!!

Merry Christmas!!!



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