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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Monstrous Jeans

Hello hello! Hope you are all having a fantastic new year!!! 2012 is going to be fabulous...I can feel it! I have some super cute jeans to show you today!!

My 7 year old is really rough on his jens...so winter is here and he has a couple holes in the knees, I didn't want to buy him new jeans because I know he will have a growth spurt soon and I didn't want all that nasty cold wind getting in the holes...easy solve...spend less than $5 on supplies an fix the hole...the cool way!

Felt in red, white, black and light blue (for the eyes, hard to see)

First, cut a large enough piece of red felt to place inside the jeans and glue down. I used Eileens ok to wash fabric glue. Instructions say to wait 7-10 days before washing. I used a generous amount of glue!

Then add the teeth.

Followed by the eyes!

Once everything was dry, took about 2+ days, I used a sharpie marker to dot the eyes.

DS was anxious for the glue dry so he could wear them to school!

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Happy Crafting!


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