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Thursday, January 12, 2012

oo Shirts...pretty awsome...

If you as me!!!

So I have started making Jewelry, just casually, I sell mostly of it on facebook and esty (http://www.mabiejewels.etsy.om/) I don't sell much, just enough to keep me supplied in creative goodies! Now, I sometimes go to farmers market and craft fairs to sell my wares...tought I might look a little more professional if I had some T-shirts with my little name on them. Well I stumbled upon this awesome company called OO Shirts online and I am nothing but pleased with them!

I'm not very computr savvy, so I dont know how to make a logo or cool graphic, but at OO Shirts it was easy peasy to make a professional looking t-shirt (if pofessional and t-shirt can even be in the same sentence together!) Now the printing was cool, but the even cool part was that I could place writting on he front nd back of the shirts...for fairly cheap!

This is my shirt...pretty cool right?

Now all the ease of ordering and yadda yadda is all well and good, but how does the shirt feel? Will it shink? Is logo or print going to go all wonkie on me? Let me tell ya, it's super comfy and fits pretty true to size. I have worn my shirt and washed it several times, the shirt didn't shrink and the print still looks amazing! I am in LOVE and highly recomend ooShirts

Lastly, but cerainly still very cool, is the fact that you can design your shirt and you might not be ready to order...n0 worries, they store your designs in their data base...and you can even have multiple designs stored at once...sooo COOL!!!

Now go...check them out...if you like what you see, order a shirt or 20!

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