I've been featued in the Bitter Sweet Zine Winter issue!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I got an AWARD!!!

I would like to take this time to thank all the little people that made this possible! I will be here all night and am signing autographs...please no pushing, elbowing, name calling or hair pulling to get to me fisrt...you will all get a chance! LOL Okay no seriously!

Shelly over at Stampwithshelly nominated me! Thank you sooo much Shelly you have no idea what this means to mean...you like me, you really like me!!!

So now it's my turn to pass the torch! Here are some of my FAB friends and awesome bloggers that I am nominating for this awesome award! (Okay, some of them I just wish they were my friends, but I do love their blogs and I know we would BFF if they knew me and that I *stalked* their blogs!)

Laura (Loving Life in Las Vegas)

Sara Cleveland

Cammie King

Alli Miles

Taylor VanBruggen

Keri Brown

Kathy Kostvig

Okay ladies, your turn to pass on the *E*

So go check out these ladies blogs and leave them some love! Have a super day!

Happy Stampin'



Carolyn King said...

Silvia--you are too sweet (and funny) I chuckled through this post. Thanks so much for this sweet honor!


Laura said...

How fun. Congrats on the big E! I love the speech. Thanks for adding me to you list! Laura

Alli Miles said...

Thank you for the honour!!!

Anonymous said...

You're so funny.......Can I have your autograph??? I can say that "I knew you waaaaay back before everyone had blogs!" ahahah