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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pictures, Piercings, and Presents!

So today was absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I live on the east coast...for those of you not aware, and it is down right cold...except for today, it was 70 degree's can you believe it? I was shocked! we played outside, rode bikes, had a blast! Then this afternoon we went to the mall and had some pictures taken at the Picture people! They are having a special...12 personalized photo cards with envelopes and one 8x10 or 10x13 for just $12!!!! I know I couldn't believe it either! Usually one 8x10 alone is $18...and now with the no sitting fee...who could beat that! The kids were super cute and Bella decided she didn't want to smile...which is okay, we took a million pictures and she just wanted to eat and not smile...there were even a few tears mixed in there! Crazy kid!!!

So please pardon the not so good quality of this, but pictures of pictures aren't always the best quality...but I just wanted to show you the cuteness! I was going to suprize the hubby (he's at a class in PA and I thought it would make a great Valentine's Day present!) but I can't keep a secret from him for more than 5 seconds, so I told him! He is excited to see them, and that's why I can share them with you too!

The kids had been so good at the Picture People that I decided to take them to the mall play park...I love our mall... I mean Town Center (they spent a ton of money refurbishing it and had to give it a fancy name! LOL) it is really really cute! The kids love to play there and I made a new friend! Hi Libby!!! But on the way to the play park I spotted the piercing Pagoda and I had called the Docs to see if they could pierce Bella's ears when it was convenient for me and never seem to be able to get in there, plus they are spendy! Anywho I stopped to check the price and found it was much more reasonable then the docs so I went ahead and did it! Bella was an Angel! She didn't even cry...just grunted after the second ear and that was about it! Don't her earings just look adorable??? I had Mela's ears pierced when she was 2 months old and I was starting to feel guilty about not having Bella's ears pierced yet...plus I didn't want to wait too much longer because then she will start messing with them and try to pull them out! So there you have it...super cute earing girl...and a smile, which she would NOT give at the Picture People!!!

And last but definately NOT least! I stopped by my AWESOME and really one of my BEST friends house Danielle ( I think I totally messed up the gramatical structure of that sentence, but you get the idea!) and got some rectangle hinge tins from her and then she had some goodies for me! A whole bunch of presents...and it's not even my birthday!!! I have some of the BEST friends and they are always blessing me with a littole somehting! I was trying to clean my basement and was thinking that I really needed some more paper organizers and lo and behold here they are! The Lord is definately good and always provides for our needs! Danielle just gave me all this awesome stuff from Cropper Hopper...including a little Lunchbox by Tim Holtz...Danielle you are definately a blessing in my life and I thank God for you often!
I really have nothing stamping related to share with you this evning, but thanks for stopping by and letting me share some of my everyday life with you!
Happy Stampin'



Anonymous said...

beautiful pics, they're awesome,see ya soon!!

Anonymous said...

aaahhhhhhhhh what a bunch of cuties!!! fun new toys!! but whats even sweeter is that you DH posted first!!! aahh....so cute!!


papermoon04/Shelly said...

Your kids are adorable Silvia! Hey, run on over to my Blog and take a look, there is a surprise for YOU there!