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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday's Teacher

Howdy Howdy! It's time for another Tuesday's Teacher, but today instead of a tutorial I will be doing a product review! Here is todays Bible verse!

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! 2Cor9:15

This verse is so cool because you can think of all of God's gifts that he has bestowed upon you. One of my most favorite things in the world is the Ocean and I seriously did not think we would be able to go on a vacation this year and it's been almost 2 years since I've heard the roar of the ocean...I am so greatful for the miricles God gives us...great and small!

Another thing that I know is an indescribable gift is my awesome husband! I know that I can be a pain to deal with sometimes, and he still loves me and does the sweetest things for me. My awesome kids, the home we live in. Me being able to stay home with the kids and not work...these are all miracles from Jesus my saviour!

What gifts are you thankful for today? Are you feeling better than you were yesterday? Did you get a promotion at work? Is the sun shinning where you live? Do you have food and clothes to keep you fed and warm? There is a whole world of thins to be thankful for...pick one and thank the Creator!

Now for the Product review:

Okay I will be reviewing Verve Stamps. The reaon I choose to do a review today instead of a tutorial is because today is Verve's new stamp release...and what is so cool about that? Well the cool thing is that this is their ONE YEAR ANNI-VERVE-SARY! You guessed it, they got started just one year ago today!

Julee Tilman is the owner and brains behind Verve Stamps. You can check out Poetic Artistry her blog here. Anywas I happed to be fortunate enough to meet Julee on SCS where we were stalking buddies...we stalked the challenges waiting for themt o be posted so we could rush off and stamp!

Anyways she is a sweet heart and has a head for buisness, as well as being a strong christian. and not to mention super creative!

Verve stamps are clear photopolymer stamps and I was extremely hesitant about trying them because I had never used clear stamps before...Julee and I did a little trade and I got some clear stamps....I really like them folks! I specially like the sentiments...super easy to line up and get them perfectly straight!

Julle is super quick at shipping them and they are packaged sooo nicely and all wrapped up in tissue paper!

Really go and check out there site, the stamps are fab, prices are great and there are a bunch of new ones today!

Here are a couple more cards from her Anni-verve-sary challenge!
Sketch Challenge #5
This card is super tall! It's 8.5 inches tall and measure 2.75 inches wide. I love how it turned out, but I think I'm going to have to make a special envelope for it! Good thing I have a scor-pal! The cardstock for this card is ridding hood red and kiwi kiss and the designer paper is called bella rose. The stamps are from Verve stamp and the set is called Serenity.

Sketch Challenge #6
This card I don't know that I'm too pleased with! I guess it's okay but doesn't really knowck my socks off! The sentiment is also from a verve set!
Happy Stampin'


Anonymous said...

look at these awesome cards!! You are a stampin' foooool, girlfriend!! Between kids at home and canning, swimming, boy scout camp, picnics, class reunions, family from out of town, there hasn't been much time for stampin!!


Tracy said...

OMGosh...that "tall" card is majorly tall...very unique! Nice job Sylvia!