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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday's Teacher

For you today I have a very special little project...but fisrt out Weekly Bible verse!

"Bretheren, join in following my example, and note those who so walk, as you have us for a pattern." -Phillipians 3:17

The Lord was and is so good in showing us how we should behave in our everyday lives and with everyone we come in contact with...from our children (who is mostly who I see!) to our husbands and other family and anyone else we may come in contact with. He demonstrated such grace throughout His short life. I am just astonished at how loving and caring He was eventhough He endured so much pain and suffering. Jesus lived to die...FOR US and yet He lived everyday to teach us because he knew His days here on this earth were few and precious! As I read my bible and because of the yearning in my own soul, I know that God created us to NOT be alone. We are to share our lives with others and we must know how to share the love that God has for us with others. We also need to be with others that believe as we do, not because we are better than other, but because we need to be reminded of how we should act and there is no better way to learn than by example.

I love going to church, but I have my moments just as anyone else...our church is about an hour from home and with gas price the way it is...the devil always tries to sneak in my head! Oh we shouldn't go every week, we really can't afford the gas, is my ration some days, but I know the Lord wants me there, not only to learn from others who believe in Him, but also to be encouraged and to learn from His word! Have you been around or spoken to a believer of Christ today? Did they show you the love that God showed us? May God Bless all those who read this!

Post it Note Key Chain Tutorial

*** all Supplies by Stampin' Up! Unless otherwise noted***

1 5/8 x 8 1/2 piece of cardstock
scrap pieces of designer paper
Post-it notes cut in half
scallooped edge punch
small and large oval punches
round tab punch
Various ribbons
Brown stazon ink
Baja Breeze ink pad
Mark the date stamp set
mini Alpha stamp set
First you will want to stamp your carstock with whatever stamp set you want to use (Here I used Mark the date and used the polka dots. Then you will want to lay your paper flap against the scor-pal length wise (8.5 up top)
-score at 2 inches
-then move the paper to the 1/8 inch mark and score at 2.5 inches.

Now you will want to move the paper one last time to 1/2 inch and score at 6 inches and 6 3/8 inches (the line that has the little dot above it, before the 6.5 inch mark)

Before you do the next step you will want to have your post it notes ready! I took one post it note (got a pack of 4 with 50 sheets each at the dollar store the other day!) I counted 25 sheets and cut those in half and hole punched them with my crop-a-dial (this thing is like magic I tell ya!) then using one sheet from the already punched pile I used it as a template for the rest...for this ketchain you will want to have 200 sheets that measure 1.5x3 inches. (P.S. I adhered all the different sections together...once you lift them off they don't stick as well anymore!)

For this step you are going to place one of the post it notes that you have already cut in half and hole punched on top of the cover and use it as a guide to punch the top hole.

You will now take the same pot it and place it on the inside and punch the bottom hole (this will make all the punched holes line up nicely!) I then used some adhesive to attach the pack of post it in place to the cardstock base.

Decorate as you wish...put the ring through and tie lots of pretty ribbons.

Once you have completed decorating this little cutie, you will want a way for it to close, I was debating between velcro and a magnet and finally decided on a magnet as they tend to open a little easier with out too much effort...might regret it later though...LOL

And here she is...all prettied up! really like how this turned out, I love the new papers...they are called Holiday Treasures and are made my Stampin' Up! If you would like to order these please let me know (mabieme1999@yahoo.com) I used several of the punches to finish this off, I used both ovals for the purse handles and I used the scallop border punch and I also used the round tab punch to make the little purse (got the idea from a swap I recieved today! Thanks!) plus I used the punch that goes with the looks like spring set to embelish my flower...the only thing I'm bummed about it the back that I didn't stamp polake dots on the purse to match the base paper, but such is life!

I hope you make one of these little guys! They are fast, fun and easy...if you do make one be sure to let me know...I wanna see your pretty creations too!

Thanks for stoppin by!

God Bless you and Happy Stampin'


KOstvig said...

very cute

Carin said...

Enjoyed your post today... yours was the first blog I went to this morning & it was just what I needed... thanks for being an example to your blog followers. *Ü* Also thanks for the little purse idea... too cute!

Wanda. said...

This is fabulous, I'm going to have to give it a try! TFS

Leah said...

I just have to say "WOW"! I have never commented to anyone's blog before...not sure why, but just haven't. But, yours touched me and I wanted to say a great big THANKS! I am not even sure how I came across it, but it sure was what I needed. Sometimes all it takes is one person to make a difference and if it means anything at all...you made a difference to me today :)

MaryNSC said...

OOOOOOOOOO NO I Love it. Now I got to try to make it..:O)
My Scor Pal is on the way.. U is Book Marked now..

Mardi said...

TFS, love the project!

MamaSheg said...

This is so cute...Thanks for the great tutorial!! XOOXO