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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another week!

I can not believe how quick this week is going by! It is almost the end of Tuesday and here we are again ready for a Bible verse and a fun tutorial...at least I think it's fun!

Here is today's verse... I hope it means as much to you as it does to me!

This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it! - Psalm 118:24
This is one of my all time favortite verses! It started with a fabulous woman named Marjory(I hope I spelled that right!) She is my husbands grandma...a woman I have never meet but is often apoken of. Her kindness, gentle ways, big heart and this prayer. My husband remembers as a small boy going to her house on summer trips and saying this blessing every morning. This tradition continues on, our children love saying it and we just love living every moment by it!
We say this verse every morning before breakfast and this morning I was totally feeling it... I mean I feel it every morning, but something about this morning really let me know it was going to be a great day! Sure I still had my moments of insecurity, jelousy and plain down in the dumps (hubby gave me a good talking too and cheered me right up, I'm much better now! Thanks Honey!) Anyways you know how it goes (stay at home Mom or not, everyone has their moments!) But like I said today I was really feeling like the Lord was pouring down His blessings on us! I mean the kids got up super early and they started arguing as soon as the got up, but the sun was shinning, we had food on the table, warm clothes to wear, but most importantly we have our health...God is good!!! As I was putting the kids to bed and they told each other they loved each other...the world was at a stand still... I love those moments!
Thank you Lord Jesus for giving us soo many blessings today, from the tiny ants that help us play a game of pretend to the gorgeous weather that allowed us to play outside and explore your wonderful creations. I just pray that I can always have an open mind and heart to allow me to see the many things you have given me to be joyful for!
What are you rejoicing about? I pray that you are able to find one thing today that you can thank God for, no matter how small it might be, be thankful and praise Him for it!
Accordian Box Tutorial...
for lack of a better name! I made this box today because I really needed some place to store some gorgeous stamped images I recieved in the mail this past week (thanks Stacy!) I recently went to a crafting yard sale at my LSS (Local scrapbook store) and let me just tell you how super silly I am! I left my wallet at HOME! Now I don't just live right down the road from said LSS, I live about 30 mins away! Well needless to day I saw a commercial accordian holder thing and thought it was perfect formy stamped images...but since I didn't have my wallet (only $5 to my name and a car needing gas!) I decided to save my money and make my own! LUCKY YOU!!!
1- cardstock 6x12 (here pumpkin pie)
1- cardstock 6x7 (here pumpkin pie)
1- sheet of designer paper (here bali breeze)
2- sheets of cardstock measuring 4x8.75 (here tempting turquoise)
8- sheets of carstock measuring 6x 3 5/8 (here Sahara Sand)
strong adhesive
Stamps and embelishments
The fisrt thing you want to do is score the 6x12 piece of cardstock at 4inches and again at 8 inches...set it aside for now!
The next step is to score the shhet of cardstock that measures 6x7. You will wan to score it at the one inch marke...then more the cardstock over 1/4 of an inch...and score it at 4 inches., you can now adhere the small 1 inch section to the back of the other paper...so that it fors one long piece measuring 6x19...set aside
For this next step you will want to score your sheets that measures 4x8.75 at every half inch interval. you can now accordian fold it.
Now that you have accordial folded it, you will be adding it to the fisrt section of your 6x19 piece of carstock.
You will now be adding the particians on the inside...I started with the next valey and moved back as I went. YOu will eventually end up with no valleys left and you will adhere the last fold to the box base...make sence?
At this point you are pretty much done! Just add some pretty stuff and you are good to go!
for my closure I decided to use magnets...they aren't as clingy as the velcro so my box won't get damaged when I try to open it...plus i have a bunch of buisness card sized magnest with sticky on them and it made for simple affatchment.
So this is it! What do you think? I added a nice scalloped edge using my coluzzle cutting system and an envelope template my good friend Nikki gave me a while back, some brads and a little stamping and called it a day! I really did want it simple, I wiull be handling this little box a bunch and I don't want the enbelishmens to get in the way!
I hope you like it! And thank you sooo much to Stacy (twinshappy on SCS) for sending me those adorable Hannah and Riley Moose images and giving me a push to create this little guy!
As always,
Happy Stampin'


Diane said...

Ooooh! I love this project. How cool! You did a BEAUTIFUL job with this. Just ordered the Bali Breeze....hmmmmmm! The coluzzle system. I have that but nothing that would make a straight scallop like that. Wonder where I could get that. Very, very wonderful!

JAR said...

Oh my gosh, girl!!! This is just awesome!! I LOVE IT!!

Dawn Mercedes said...

wonderful idea!

Lori Barnett said...

How cool is that!! Man...I have a Scor-Pal (just barely got it) and haven't been begun to give it that kind of workout. This is awesome!!!

Vicki said...

I made one Silvia! Here's my link:
I changed a couple things but it turned out pretty good I think. I kept it pretty plain and simple.

Saw your post in my thread on Stamp Shack too! ;)

THANKS for the inspiration!

Beth Norman said...

Holy smokes this is awesome. You'll be happy to hear I came by way the the Stamp Shack. Someone linked you in the message board, because of this project.

CraftyNanny said...

Thankyou for the lovely words.
I see this file folder on splitcoast today and was looking for a pattern. Love the paper and colors. Thankyou for the tutorial. Have a great day.
Sandy :)

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