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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday's Teacher

Good day everyone! I am back...I bet you didn't think I was gonna post today! HAHAHA I have been busy working on a(what I think) is a fabulous project to share with you all today, but first a Bible verse to get you to ponder!

I can do all things through Chirst who Strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

I have really been feeling, loving and just going through each day repeating this verse in my head whenever things are going particularly hard at the moment. When the kids are arguing, when I have 4 loads of laundry and no clean under garments to wear, when it's dinner time and I have nothing unfrozen to fix, when I'm working out and I want to quit, when there is an arguement with a friend or sibling(fue and far between thank GOD!) I believe that God can strengthen me and make me a better person if only I will let him, but this verse has really helped me the most when I'm working out! I sometimes feel that I just want to give up and quit...the workout is not worth all the pain and sweat (YUCK, who wants to sweat?) ...then I remember that verse and I just keep on truckin! I told my sweet DH that I was going to stamp it on the wall of the garage so that I will NEVER give up! I am taking this verse to one of the lightest subjects and areas that you might use this verse for, but it will help you through anything, just knowing that God is there for you through thick and thin really makes things better! Can you trust Him to help you today? Do you believe that He can strengthen you? Pray to Him and ask Him into your heart so that you can do ALL things through and for Him!

Baby Book Tutorial

I made this book for a gal that is having a baby shower in a couple of weeks...Look at me NOT waiting till last minute!! LOL

Here is a quick list of supplies:

Card stock: various colors

designer paper of choise



strong adhesive

paper trimmer

optional supplies

oderless mineral spirits, blending stump, water color paper, water color pencils and embelishments

In this step you ar scoring both sheets of cardstock that you cut to 4.25x11 at the 3inch 5.5 inch and 8 inch marks.

YOu will want to scire both sheets of paper so that they both make *W* shapes (the inside flaps will be shorter than the middle most and outside flaps)

So this is how I colored my image with my water color pencils... just around the edges so that I can use the mineral spirits to shade in the rest...I hope I'm doing this right!
This was my first attempt at coloring an image with colored pencils and oderless mineral spirits, I like how it turned out and I will definatly try it again! I got the mineral spirits are Micheals with a 55% off coupon so they were only a couple bucks...TOO cool! Plus i just love this stamp set!

In this picture I'm just showing you where to adhere the two pieces together. You will have the book parts of the book bound together once this step is done.

Once you have adhered the two flaps together, youw ill want to cut slits in the shorter cener pages. To do this simple align the score mark with the cutting groove in your cutter and use the ruler on the cuter to measure 1 inch from the top and 1 inch from the bottom...the little arrows in the orange blade shows where you are cutting to.

The Next thing to do is to create the pull tabs...you will want it to be a little tller on the inside so that the tabs don't pull out all the way. My whole tab is about 3.5 inches tall and then I cut about 1/4 inch from top and bottom to form the flaps...but that was just eyeballing it

YOu will now want to insert the pull flaps in through the back, it will look like this.

And this is the front...easy enough right?

Once you have added the pull out pages you will want to secure the backs closed. Add some glue to the outsides od the mountains as picutes (ONLY TO THE OUTSIDES) if you add too much glue then the pabs won't pull out! Secute them closed and you have yourself a little book!

Then you can start embelishing! I added a picture of the excited parents to the inside cover (they sent this to me with the invitation to the baby shower, but you can ask then for one or take one yourself!) I added the cardstock and designer paper to make it all look purty!

I added pull tabs to both of the pull out sections and one has a place to put all the babies info on it...name date etc. of the birth. I figured if she wants she can add the time and date of th shower to the other pull out tab or write a special message to the baby!

And here she is all complete and ready to go! I added some glitter and pearls and purty ribbon and of course some hodge podge. This is a small book so don't get too excited, but it's perfect if she wants to keep it in her purse of give it to her Mom with pictures of the baby or soemthing... I thought it was cute...so I made it...LOL

This is another view of the book. I just wanted to show you all the depth and dimention this book has...I loved making it and hope that you make one too!
Here are the stamps sets and accessories I used:
Carstock:Pretty in pink, certainly celery, chocolate chip
Ink: pretty ink pink, chocolate chip
Accessories: Hodge podge hardware, pretties kit, celery organdy ribbon, chocolate taffeta ribbon, oderless mineral spirits, blending stupm, key tag punch.
Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for stopping by!
P.S. This also fits todays challenge on splitcoast...the color challenge to use the above mentioned colors!


Courtney Fowler said...

Thanks for the scripture and encouragement... I love that verse!

And wowzeee! Wonderful tutorial! Thank you so much!

Debbie Yates said...

Your tutorial is great - easy to follow, concise, just great - here is my stab at it....

I hope I did as well as you!

Stacey said...

This is TOTALLY adorable! I'm SO glad I've found your blog!! You're work is amazing!!

Elaine said...

How clever! It's just way too cute!