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Thursday, April 24, 2008


Wow has it really been 9 YEARS!!! It truly is amazing how fast time flies! I love my husband so much and I seriously can not even imagine life without him! He is my best friend and an awesome (the best really IMO) Dad in the whole world! I love you honey! Gotta run...wanna spend time with my sweety before I go help my sis in law with the 10 girls she has spending the night!! YIKES! Thanks for stopping by, I will post pictures of the girls projects tomorrow or maybe tonight...depending on how tired I am! LOL
This picture was taken by our 4 year old on Daddy's new phone, then he (my hubby, not my son!) sent it to the computer! Gotta love technology!!!

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Anonymous said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! In this age of DIVORCE, we need to celebrate each and every marriage each and every YEAR!! Which is why I send ALL my friends/family anniversary cards!!

Best wishes!!

We'll celebrate 18 years in July....WHOA!!