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Thursday, April 10, 2008

No stamping...but a funny story!

Okay so last week I went to the doctors for my initial getting started with a new doctor visit...but I thought I would get my moneys worth since I was already there! I hadn't bee feeling too well, unexplicable headaches, lightheadedness and dizzy, and the one symptom that really scared me was the shooting pain from my ear drum to my diaphram! Anyways I told him all the symptoms and he checked me right away!

He checked the left ear and said it was perfectly nirmal (good thing cuz that was not the one bothering me!) and then he checked the right ear and he said...and I quote! "Ohh, I can tell you have small Children!" and I said...why do you say that? and he said "well, you have a part of one of their toys in you ear!" WHAT!!!!! "yup he said...looks like a small round blue ball" Hmmm I said. So he went and got his little gadget and pulled out...are you ready...a BLUE MICRO BEAD!!!! I know I know how in the world? Then he is looking at me like what kind of mom would let their not even in school aged kids play with such tiny little beads! Then I had to confess that in fact that was not one of my kids toys...but one of my own! We had a good chuckle at that and as it turned out I also had fluid in my ear and a sinus infection! Go figure!

JUst thought you all might enjoy this little story and get a good laugh! Next time you go to the doctors be sure to have him check your ears...you never know what might be in there! LOL

Happy Stampin'


Denise... said...

That is SO funny!!! Thanks for sharing!

~amy~ said...

That is absolutely hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH....I have to tell my DH....he'll get a good chuckle too!! You are sooo funny!!!

Now go stamp and BE CAREFUL!!!


Diane said...

Toooooo funny! I've known of glitter to reside on and in about every part of the human body....but the micro bead in the ear? Would have never guessed they could be hazardous to one's health. Maybe there should be a special type of high-risk insurance for stampers!! You are so funny! TFS

BTW--thanks for the BEAUTIFUL card. What a delight to get it in the mail. You are funny....and VERY sweet. Thanks, sister!