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Saturday, April 19, 2008


I'm back!!! After the post on Tuesday my blog went byebye for a while :( so I am sooo glad to be posting something...anything today!

I haven't stamped because I was sooo bummed about my little computer problem so I will share a fun activity that I did with the kids! It's a hole lot of fun and you probably have the supplies at home! I used a hunk of playdough and some spaghetti and cheerios (you can use fruit loops too anf the kids can sort the colors before threading them through the spaghetti) Once they have threaded them through you count how many they were able to get on one spaghtti! If they are a bit older you can have them guess how many cheerios or loops they can put on pre hand...great for using the brain and fine motor skills!

After we were all done learning, we had some fun and created playdough people or creatures with the broken spaghetti and cheerios...so much fun...you really should try it!

What do you think of my little guy? ISn't he cute, Kinda looks like a troll doll gone wild! I think David's is MUCH better!

Thanks for stopping by and sorry for all the trouble!


Courtney Fowler said...

These are adorable! Looks like you guys had LOTS of fun!

And, yes, I really want to know your age! LOL... ok, not really!

JAR said...

What a really fun activity!! I love the PINK one~ that's not a self-portrait, though, right???? LOL

Diane said...

Too fun! Bet you had a blast!

Wanted to let you know I just passed along an award to you. Check out my blog to "pick it up!"