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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Name Frames

So I made some name frames for two new baby boys that were born this year at my son's preschool...so I'm a huge slacker since the boys are already a couple months old and I just gave them to them yesterday! Ohh well, better late than never! I really like how they turned out, although I like one better than the other...not going to say which...I don't want to hurt any ones feelings!
The first name frame was for Matthew... I like how his turned out, I Love the colors...although I strayed a little from what his momma told me were his room colors! The room colors were brown and blue and I just had to use this designer paper and so I added the wild wasabi in there... I think it looks good... I Love the designer paper and I super love the colors!
I made this one second...because you guessed it...he was born second! Although i did make them both the same day...as in yesterday morning before i had to give it to them! LOL...I'm a naughty girl! Good thing these are fast to assemble!
I asked his Manna what was the theme in his room and she told me Spider Man... I didn't have anything spider man-y so I went with the red, white and blue theme... I used real red, very vanilla, might of navy and cerise designer series paper...plain and simple...but got the job done and they both loved it!
If you would like for me to make you a name frame, they make excellent baby shower gifts and even birthday presents...send me an e-mail at mabieme1999@yahoo.com or leave me a comment!
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Happy Stampin!

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Anonymous said...

I would tell you which one I like better, but that wouldn't be fair, either, right?

Nice work, and I like both of the frames...that wood is great for boys!