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Saturday, June 21, 2008

A page, a baby and a Tag

So I have been working on a scrapbook page for a local LSS...one of my BFF's works there and asked me if I minded making some samples for them to display, they give me supplies all I have to do is put them together!...so of course I said YES!!! I have made a double page spread, a card and this i my latest addition.... I think it turned out super cute and I just love the pics...Emelia was in a mood that day and was very into the task at hand. We had a blast blowing bubbles and taking pictures...she loves having her picture taken! I was very proud of this page because it uses only the basics of scrapbooking...paper and rub ons! For the large plum circle I used one of my dishes, traced it and cut it out...I then placed the plum paper on top of the shimmery blue paper and eyeballed that as I cut it, placed a photo under the circles and glued it all down. Cut the pictures to size and started rubin it on!...the only other tools I used were the two circle cutters for a little more dimension...and that's about it...isn't she a doll? I really do like this page...the black is striking and the bubbles just look cool. I don't know what company the paper is from...and they have already left the building, but the rub-ons are from http://www.scrappinsports/ and they are the get this "Bubbles" Rub-ons... I really am enjoying their rub-ons, they are cute, easy to work with and look FAB on my page!

This next picture is of my sweet baby Bella...isn't she the cutest! I love giving babies baths in the sink...after I clean it of course! This was her first, but definitely not her last...look how much fun she was having!!!

And last but not least...I've been tagged!

My friend Judy over at Joy in a JAR tagged me and I have to tell you 7 things about...seven random and or strange things about myself and then I'm to tag 5 more people. So her it goes

1. I'm not a US citizen

2. I only have 1 sister

3. I miss my convertible

4. I once got bit by a spider and my eye was swollen shut when I woke up

5. When I was pregnant I HAD to dip my Cheetos in butter pecan ice cream...but the ice cream had to be in the carton

6. I have had a peanut butter and tuna sandwich before...and I like it!

7. I volunteered at the Great American Scrapbook Convention this weekend

Thanks Judy for the Tag...be sure to check out her fun blog and tell her I sent ya! Now for the 5 people I will be tagging...hm lets see

1. Kelly H. from SCS...she is new to this whole blogging thing...fairly new anyways and I would love to hear more about her, check her out at Kelly's Stampin' Habits

2. Kathy...she has a bazillion kids and still finds time to make such awesome cards, not to mention she's super sweet! Visit Kathy at My Crafty Inklings

3. Jessica, she has the most fun Friday posts...Dollar Find Fridays...you have got to check that out! Got to There She Goes to see Jessica's cool stuff

4. Riley...she is a dance instructor and wonderful card maker...so check out her blog at Stampin' & Dancin' with Riley and go vote for her too

5. Last but not least Angela R. Most people know her as Angel...she makes the cutest cards with great colors and just the perfect embellishments...you can visit her at Angelsworld94

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out these awesome blogs!

Happy Stampin'


Lorraine said...

great layout and wonderful pictures. What a little darling. I loved giving my babies their baths in the sink. Remembering those days has made me smile!

Paula said...

I really like this page, and I agree with you that the bubbles look cool. I like the black and white photos and how you carried those colors into the layout with just a touch of pink. Very nice job!

Lisa said...

I can NOT believe that little darling is the same baby as your avatar!!!!! She's SO BIG!!!!!

JAR said...

Ok - the ice cream part is REALLY odd --- I think I will skip trying it! hahaha

Fun stuff, Silvia! And as always, terrific cards and projects!!