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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just around the corner...

from our house is an awesome little restaurant...and I have been very neglectful about sharing some of our fun Island living! So I thought I would go ahead and share some fun things in our corner of heaven on earth!We get to the restaurant...we walked because it's less than a block from the house! It was a nice little stroll! LOL The kids love it and actually David rode his bike! (If you look on the left hand side of the pic, you'll see a moped and David's bike!) The name of the restaurant is Oinoysee...but all the Americans call it "The Pork Chop Place" because it has the BEST pork chops around! Anywho, we introduced ourselves to the owner and he said "Ohhh yes, you're my neighbors!" Who knew! His name is Nikko and he's the nicest guy!

The building was actually a residence built around the 1930 and was later converted into a restaurant in 2000. Great place, great food!
David's job at dinner was to pour the water for everyone...he took his job very seriously!One of my very favorite things to eat is Greek Salad...and this is one yummy example...sooo delish! I know your mouth is watering already, but wat till you see the pork chops!
My Salad is NOT cooperating! I want it after the Tatziki...but it won't move...so you'll have to drool in reverse! LOL This SUPER yummy bread is baked locally and is super to dip in the Tatziki...making me hungry again!Apperently my dinner wants to be seen in reverse...nothing is moving past the bread! LOL...don't these chops look sooo good? They smelled devine and the tenderness is like a dream! (If you like pork that is!)David Loves to try new foods...and old favorites to see where they are best! He loves octopus...I know he's 5...that kid just amazes me! And he gave this grilled octopus 2 thumbs up...although he tried my pork too and gave incredible reviews only a mother can understand through a full mouth! LOL
And this is the yummiest stuff in the world! Yummy Tatziki...made from Greek yougurt, cucumbers, olive oil, vinigar and a touch of salt and peper to taste...ohh sooo scrumptious!

So there you have it...some pics for you of our neighborhood...I have some pics to share with you of the girls...but since nothing was moving past the bread I just gave up! LOL So I'll have to post cute girl pictures in a few days!

I hope you all have a blessed day! Thank you so much for stopping by! And I promise to have a card for you tomorrow!!!

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Anonymous said...

Nice pics and journaling babe. Love ya

Anonymous said...

OH, that Greek salad looks Fantastically yummy!!

What's up, girlfriend??

Long time, no stamp for this workin' mommy. DH lost/quit his job Jan 1st so now I'm workin. Nights, days, evenings and everything in between!!

I SOOO enjoy your pic's of Greece!! I can't imagine moving across the world!! Keep sharing them!!


It's Me, Nikki! (aka NCSUnikki) said...

Girl, I was with ya'll til I saw the octopus!! Holy moly I can't believe David ate that!! I love seeing your pictures-- makes me feel like you aren't that far away...keep 'em coming! Love you, miss you!