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Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Sister!

So yesterday not only was Mother's day, but it was also my sister's birthdday! She turned the big 30! I can not believe she's in her 30's! That means I will be in my thirties soon! Really where did all the time go? I swear I was just 17 the other day! Anywho here are some things I made for her, because I love her so very much! First her card!

I made her a pocket card and inside it has a nice pull out little card...so now she can choose to use it as a money holder or keep it forever and ever! LOL

I really love this stamp set and I don't think I will ever get rid of it! It's a celebration set from a couple years ago and it is just awesome! I love all the sentiments, I love the fonts that the sentiments come in and I love how the flowers & word work well for any occasion! A perfect set if I do say so myself!

Here is the card and the pull out all together! What do you think? Cute huh?

And a close up of the sentiment! I really liked the sentiment I choose for the inside and love how I used all sorts of different fonts (I would love to say that I was clever enough to come up with the sentiment on my own, but I'm not...went to e-card website and borrowed it! LOL)

And now for the gifts! She just recently got married (last August...has it really been almost a year!) And so I made her this super cute little bracelet using one of her wedding photos...now she can always look at her arm and see her awesome hubby (Hi Gary!)

And this is a little frame I made for her. I got a penny for every year she has been alive and then added some commentary for each year...things like jobs she's had, the birth of her son and other momentous occasions from her life...It was super fun to make, but the best part was this...
Her reaction! I just love to suprise people and her reaction really made me cry! Tugged at my heart a little and really I'm in tears as I'm typing this! She is the most amazing sister I could have asked for! She is selfless and always wants to do things for others! Last year when I was all the way pregnant and really couldn't move she came to my house on HER birthday and cleaned the house for me...how super sweet is that! I love her with all my heart and am soooo grateful for the awesome relatioship we have! I love you sister!
Here is another example of her selflessness, I know it's hard to see in this picture, but my sister is giving my mom a pedicure...on her birthday, my mom loves getting pedicures from my sister (and so do I, she does the BEST job!)

Ans one last picture, I just love how this picture turned out...don't they look cute! This is my awesome nephew and my GORGEOUS sister...doesn't she look FAB! Happy mother's day and happy Birthday sister, I lovee you!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm sorry for all the post today, but I had a lot that I wanted to share with you all! Have a blessed day!

Happy Stampin'


Courtney Fowler said...

Ok, I really MUST know how you made that bracelet. My sister's birthday is coming up, too!

And that last picture of her and her son... just priceless! It needs to be framed or scrapbooked, or both!

Joan said...

Beautiful card. Wonderful photographs. Joan

Anonymous said...

um.....will you be MY sister?????