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Friday, May 2, 2008

Not much in the way of stamping...

but I have been very busy this week! I am teaching a class tomorrow at Stamp-n-Scrap at noon so if you are interested in shaped cards stop on by!

I'm also working on my sample for the double page spread we will be working on May the 20th, so if you want to scrap with me...stop on by!

And now to let you know what I have been up to! Today my nephew Coleman came ovet to play so we played outside, made bubbles with dish soap and straws, went "hiking" through the woods and then walked up to the mailbox all the while searching for green rocks and caterpillars...quite the day!

And Yesterday I had the most amazing oppertunity! I was able to go down to MY personal favorite radio station (positive hits 89.9/90.5) and volunteer for their spring shareathon...the station is TOTALLY listener supported and they take up funds every 6 months! My fisrt call ws from one of my FAV people (dana) and then my most favorite call was from non other than my son David...he told Daddy (who was watching the kids, Thanks hon!) that he wanted to get some money from his pggy bank and give it to the radio station...how sweet is that! So he called and I just happened to answer the phone and he made his very first pledge of $5..let me just say I was in tears! He's so excited he can't wait for his envelope to come in so he can send in his money! Talk about making a Mom proud!

Anywho that is what I have been up to, if you would like you can listen to PER on-line and youc an even donate at www.positivehits.org I might be back with the pics of the scrapbook pags...we'll see how I feel!

Have a happy stampin' Day!

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