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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bom Dia Portugal!!!

So I just love the new Feedjit (you might of noticed it towards the bottom of my sidebar) I just added to my blog and let me tell you why!!! I can now see where people are coming and going from...this is just soooooo exciting to me! And I really do wanna say a big Como vai to the person to sisited my blog from Leiria Portugal because that is actually where I was born...now I have lived in the states coming up on 20 years this year, so I really have no idea who viewed my blog from there but non the less it's still very very cool! I still do have family in Portugal...in Barracao...about 20 minutes of so from Leiria...so if you stop by my blog from another country let me know! I'd love to hear from you!
Another great big hello goes to my cousin Filip...he lives in France and works for an airline out of Paris...I miss him dearly but we have been keeping in touch through e-mail...check out the picture he sent me of us when we were kids...too cute huh?

Filip and I weren't always such great friends growing up... he's a bit younger that I am and so he was annoying to me or trying to drown me in the pool, because he was bigger than me!

But after not seeing each other for so many years we let by gones be by gones and we get along soo much better now! It's amazing what growing up will do to a person!

And last but not least...I promised some pictures of what we were up to these past few days...so here they are!

In this picture we had gone for a walk and Mela wanted to walk Banjo all by herself, so we looped his leash through the handle of the wagon and he actually pulled her along...hehehe too cute!

She had a blast and so did we! I love going for family walks and just enjoying being together! David was a big boy and rode his bike...man how did that kid get soo big?

Papa (Andrew's Dad) joined us on our walk...so nice to catch up with those we love in this day in age where it's all go go go!
The kids just love hanging out with papa...he's great with them too! Here he is helping Mela try to put a tennis ball into the basketball hoop! LOL I think she needs a bigger target or ball! The kids just lvoe their papa and you can see why!

And this is David with papa stealing the basket ball...it was a close game, but I think david won...wink wink!
He will be 4th on Easter Sunday and really I just can't figure out how this all happened, and so soon too!
This last picture I'm sharing with you is of Bella...she is currently stroller boound because she puts anything and everything in her mouth! She is cutting 4 top teeth right now, so I will let you know when those come through...she is going to be 10 months on Sunday and it just seems unreal to me! Thanks for letting me ramble...sorry for the super longpost, but I felt like i hadn't shared any of our recent happenings...so there you have it!
Let me know what you are all up to with this gorgeous weather breaking through... I love love to learn more about you all too!
Happy Stampin'


2 Worlds said...

bom te conhecer eu moro aqui nos EUA 7 anos, tu moras onde?
nao vi teu email no seu blog
entao deixei mensagem aqui :)

Anonymous said...

GREAT Family pics!!! Fun times!! Yes, the best times seem to be the ones where we slow down!! What a funny pic of you and your cousin!!
I have over 50 cousins counting both sides and love them all DEARLY!!!

I made the CUTEST Easter card w/ that Flowerfilled set!! I'll try to post it!!


PS looks like you got a taker from another country!! very KEWL!!

KOstvig said...

very cute pict Silvia they do grow up so fast...