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Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy after Easter Monday!

Be forwarned...this post will contain a lot of pictures!!!
I stamped today! YEAHHHH I actually did todays challenge on Splitcoaststampers and I really like how it turned out...not only that, but it's already in an envelope to go to a lucky recipient...is it you? Todays challege was to create a flap card and it was a whole lot easier than I thought they would be...I actually really an ready to make another one!

Isn't it cute? YOu can find instruction on how to make this card here.

And I wanted to show you the open card! I didn't have any magnetic snaps, so the good ol velcro came to the rescue!

And I let my sister borrow my orange ink pad because you know who ever uses their orange ink pad anyways right? Well guess what... I needed my stinkin orange! Totally my fault, I should of gotten it from her this weekend and I totally forgot! So what did I do you might ask? I used my only orange marker whats what! I love those things...they always help me out when I'm in a pinch! If you would like to order your own set of markers, please let me know!

Now, onto some family pictues! I love Easter...and this year was almost our sons 4th Birthday on Easter Sunday...lucky for us we got to Celebrate it all together!

Now we celebrated Portuguese style, and boy was it fun! My Dad roasted a pig and I have to say...I think this one is the BEST pig he has roasted EVER! So moist and delicious! Thanks Dad for the yummy food!

This is a picture of my nephew Mario hangin with the piggy eatin some grub...is the apple good MoMo?

Like I had mentioned, David Turned 4 on Easter Sunday and his little sis justhad to help him blow out his candles...aren't they just the cutest?

Of course we also did the traditional Easter thing...nothing like searching doe 175 eggs to get the party started! Isn't Coco Cute? He's another nephew!

Followed by a 3 legged race and a egg in the spoon race...so pics for now...I have a really good one of my sister that I will have to share later! (Gary you still lost!)

And of course we had to have the Pinata (this was for David's birthday, although you can always start new traditions, I'm sure they have egg shaped pinatas!)

And last, but certainly NOT least, is the ever popular extremely traditional fireball easting contest! Okay maybe it's not traditional, but I do believe it will be back by popular demand...as you can see here even Mela wanted to participate! Isn't she quite the trooper? We had the best time!
Thank you sooo much Sissy and Mom for doing sooooooo much of the cooking, we truely are blessed by your amazing talents (not to mention needing to go on a diet!) Sissy, you are sooo extremly gracious and I am just sooo amazed and proud to be your sister! Enough mushy stuff...you stink!

Thanks for stopping by!
Enjoy your day, count your blessings and ejoy your stampin'


Anonymous said...

What wonderful family traditions OLD AND NEW!! Birthday and Easter fun all rolled into one!! We'll be doing Thanksgiving and Birthday all in one this year w/ Mary Anne!!

We had a wonderful Easter too!! Great stampin'!!


Carolyn King said...

Great flap card---too cute!

Love all your fantastic photos..looks like a fun time was had by all!