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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Inspiration Challenge

Do you ever look at something and say...Ohh I know the stamp set I can use to replicate that!!! Well When my sister gave me a dress for Mela last year I KNEW i just had to order this stamp set to make scrapbook pages with...no I haven't made any pages yet (majorly slacking!!!) but I did make a card that was inspired by the dress...now when you look at the card and dress together don't you think it's the PERFECT match???

Todays inspiration challenge over on SCS was to create a card that was inspired by something in your home...let me tell you I knew exactly what I wanted to use... I even went into the girls room in the dark and felt (the lights were off) which dress I wanted to use...it's one of those dresses that just feel so perfect! Thanks sister for creating such awesome memories for me!

This is pretty much a one layer card, the only thing that is not flat is the ribbon and two punched out circles for the green centers. To make this card I used shimmery white Fabulous Flowers and Polkadots and Petals stamp set and I ised shimmery white cardstock. The colors are tempting turquoise and crtainly celery and th embelishments are the 1 inch circle punch, ribbon and 2 markers for the sentiment. Thank you soo much forstopping by! I hope you get inspired by something beautiful in your home today!

Happy Stampin'


~amy~ said...

WOW! What a fabulous match...the dress and your card! Doesn't it crack you up when you see something and instantly think of things in terms of stamping?! Just last night I was ripping pages out of a Pottery Barn catty because they were great inspiration for cards!

Anonymous said...

GREAT JOB on the IC!! Perfection!!


loree2000 said...

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