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Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th Picture and New Catty Sneak peek!


So I will start this post by letting you know that I am sick with what I did! We were on vacation with my nubby's awesome family and I was getting ready to take some pictures of my gorgeous niece and was looking for the B&W feature on my camera when I accidentally stumbled upon the format card function and I paniced because I have had mighmares of doing just that! And in my panic I hot...yup you guessed it...FORMAT CARD!!!! I LOST ALL MY PICTURES! Some of you are thinking whats the big deal...well the big deal is that I had pictures from my Daughters fisrt birthday that I had not printed yet, pictures from DS graduation that I had not printed and they are GONE...ALL GONE! Now our youngest DD is going to think we don't love her as much as the others!!! I'm still shaking and wanting to cry over it! Ohh well, I guess I will have to start more memories...gone are the 844 that I had already made!

So here are the few I managed to get after the whole fiasco! We wen't to Staunton Va....what an awesome town to visit...really everytime we go there I just want to pic up and move our family there, the town is just so quaint!

This is the first thing we say when we got to the park...totally lifted my mood after loosing all those pictures! That dog knew he looked good and wanted to pose for the picture!!!

The next thing we did was go to the duck pond and let me tell you they had some ducks! They also had carp.... a whole lot of HUGE CARP, fish you silly people! All the kids just LOVED feeding the ducks and we went back several times through out the weekend!

This is Coco, isn't he just the cutest! He's one of our nephews...he look sjust too cute in him little patriotic hawaiian shirt!

This is Meghan...isn't she just gorgeous, and only 11!!! Good grief her parents are in trouble!!!

And here are some gorgeous fireworks...I took a ton of pics and only got a few good shots...I think I saw the whole fireworks display through my camera lense!!!

Here is David with his glow stick...isn't it an awesome picture? Look closely and you can see his nose and eyes!

While we were waiting for all the traffic to leave after the fireworks we decided to play with fire...okay so maybe they are just sparklers, but the kids loved them...David said it was his favorite part of the weekend, but I got a super cute picture of Mela...isn't she Darling?

Saturday was time for a little more swimming...here is my fearless son jumping into 5 feet of water

And this is Tyler saying hello...camera shy!

After all the swimming, playing, duck feeding and fireworks these kids are tired! Here are 4 of the 9 grand kids all snug in our hotel room watching Super Why.

And here is the last family picture...just thought you might enjoy this little beauty! This is a picture of my husband (in the cap), his sister and his little brother...aren't they a lively bunch! This is one of the best pictures we took! Thanks for the awesome Vacation y'all!!

And last but not least...an SU! Sneak peak!

This card was made with one of the new 2008 In-colors and a brand new stamp set! The name of the stamp set is called Sock Money and the paper is called Kiwi Kiss...and let me tell you I'm lovin it! I'm also lovin the new scalloped boarder punch! Yeah that thing rocks and you will for sure want one of your very own!!!

Thanks for stopping by! Thanks for putting up with me and all my pics!

Happy Stampin'!

P.S. Check back tomorrow for another sneak peek!

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Anonymous said...

OH SIL!! CUte pictures.

As for loosing some pictures, just make a cake and stick a candle on it and take some pics!! In 20 yrs from now, it will ALL BE GOOD!! trust me!! I have had to REDO some pics'.....like Halloween and Easter, I just dressed them up again and took pics!!

Lovin the new ORANGE as I am such a nut for orange. Altho I will truely MISS guava!! I love love it!!

stamp on my friend!