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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday's Teacher

So here I am working on my post, and I have come to the realization that no matter how hard I try I can't get this thing posted in the Am on a Tuesday...the project was done yesterday! Pictures were taken and uploaded to my computer...why didn't I edit them and upload yesterday? Just lazy I guess! So here is todays perfect Bible verse:

The hand of the diligent man will rule, but the lazy man will be put to forced labor. Proverb12:24

Gosh isn't this so true! I really dislike cleaning up after dinner, or any meal for that matter, but if I clean as I go then I won't have much of a mess to clean up...same is true for my craft room, but I can't seem to get that concept down! Many of you have seen pictures of my craft room, it looks like a paper, ribbon, stamp factory exploded in there! Yet I keep on stamping...until I run out of room to stamp that is, then I have to CLEAN! I do this when I have about a 6-12 inch section of table to work on...just not enough space. So then what do I do? I clean...I'm forced to labor, and trust me it is HARD labor!

It's almost like this Tuesday's Teacher (and don't get me wrong when I say this because I LOVE to do these tutorials) but when I have procrastinated for too long and it's finally Tuesday evening I sometimes dread coming down here to post it...epecially when hubby is in bed waiting to snuggle! And the worst part of it is that it's really already done...Okay next week I'll be better! I did improve myself this week believe it or not! I did get the project done and pictures taken and uploaded on Monaday night. I just didn't finish editing and posting here.

So my point is, whatever it is you are procrastinating from doing...stop being lazy and get it done before it seems like a JOB! Now go on and do your thing (right after you learn how to make these super cute mini box bags!!!

Mini Box in bag Tutorial


1 piece of 4x4 inches cardstock

1 piece of 4x9.5 inches designer paper
Scor-pal or other scoring tool

punches (here 1 3/8 circle & scallop)

ribbon (wide real red grosgrain)

desired accessories ( Pretties Kit)

First you will want to take your piece of 4x4 carstock and score it at 1 inch and 3 inches...rotate it 90degrees and score at 1 inch and 3 inches again.

Next you will want to line up your paper on a diagonal line...point to point and score just the outer small square. Do this on all 4 corners. Once you have done that, fold at all score marks.

Your paper should look likt this now! Time for that super strong adhesive! If you have Scor-tape use it now!

you will want to apply your adhesive to one corner of the outer small square...once you have done all four squares flip your cardstock over and add adhesive to the opposite four squares.

The next step is to add adhesive to the bottom and up one side of the designer paper (make sure you add the adhesive to the same side of the paper)

Once you have added the adhesive it's time to add the box to the paper! I like to start at the corner and work my way out...with the adhesive up the side being the last thing I adhere

This is what the box looks like when you're finished adhering...pretty sweet huh?

And this is a look at the inside of the bag...I wanted you to see the cute little box inside...a perfect place for some candy! As Rachel w=would say...YUMMO!

The last thing I did was add some scalloped punches and squares, punches a 1/4 inch hole and then added some Pretties © from my Pretties kit (I dyed the flower red using my real red re-inker) added another flower and a half pearl tied a ribbon and called it a day!

And this is the finished mini box in bag...what do you think? Isn't it just the cutest? I think these would be great for bridal showers, baby showers or for plain ol gift giving...what a great presentation!!!

Gosh I think it took me longer to write this tutorial than it did to make the bag start to finish! LOL Now go make some mini bags and enjoy, but I wanna see what you make, so if you make one link it here so I can enjoy your creations!

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Happy Stampin'


Courtney Fowler said...

Great tutorial, Sylvia. Thanks for sharing!

JAR said...

CuTe cUtE!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

Thanks for the Tutorial!!!! I'm procrastinating on Convention swaps and group gifts.... of course I now have a valid excuse.... waiting for my preview order which arrives tomorrow afternoon..... :-D

Darcie Helt said...

Super cute and thanks for the tutorial! I have seen the bigger ones but have not done it yet, this size I can manage! TFS and great blog!

Dawn Mercedes said...

oh that is delightful!