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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Birthdy Decor...Kid Style!

So today we went to Griffins house for his very fisrt ever Birthday party...that's right he turned the big 1 today...his AWESOME mom Nikki is one of my downlines and I just love her to pieces! She always makes the coolest things and goes above and beyond (her parties are NOT to miss!)

Anyways before we could get our train on the road we had to wrap the present (I was too late in thinking to get pictures of the kids stamping the paper...they were adorable!) , and in ordered to wrap the present we had to make it...cuz you know buy paper is for the non-crafty type...LOL just kidding i buy some wrapping paper on occasion...especially at Christmas...too many presents all at once! The kids LOVE to do crafts, so I had them help me "make" the paper and then they each made a card to go with it! One of David's favorite parts was tying on the ribbon (just look at the concentration!) before I curled it and Mela just loved to color ( as you can see in her picture...she's trying to show me the aweosme art work on her hands!) ...they are such awesome helpers!

Here is an upclose of the tag... I over stamped a little, but was too lazy to bring the adhesive upstairs so that I could stamp the image before attatching to the next layer...bad stamper..bad!!

And this is my SWEET little Bella...the whole time we were playing with ink, stamps, markers, paper, scissors (mommy only toy!) she just sat patiently and ate her little starts and chatted up a storm with us...she is the sweetest little thing!

I felt really bad, at the party I was getting the kids ready to leave and she was crawling on the flor (hardwood at NIkki's) and next thing I know she is screaming bloody murder, I think she little hand slipped and she bummped her lip...got her very fisrt fat lip! She was quite the trooper though, I picked her up and she snuggled me, found her thumg and was fine! Atta girl!

And this is the handsome little guy we were celebrating! Griffin! I can not believe that he's already 1...that means that Bella will be turning one soon and I am totally NOT ready for that!!!!

We had such a blast helping him celebrate and I am sooo glad that we are around to watch him grow up! Thanks for having us over Nikki, Eddie, Riley and little man Griffin!

And now the one you have all been waiting for! Nikki and I! Notice that I am standing on the right of her...not an odd place to be standing, but I am only standing on this side to hide a monstrous ZIT on my CHIN!!! I am 28 years old...why am I still getting ZITS???? hopefully they will go away in my 30's! I love Nikki, I love her creativity and her overall generous, kind, thoughtful personality...not to mention that she is just absolutely GORGEOUS!
I hope you all have enjoyed ALL of my pictures...even the ones that weren't about stamping!
Have a great day and as always,
Happy Stampin'

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