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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tuesday's Teacher

I know I have been MIA a couple of weeks for Tuesday's techer, but with Christmas and New Year's falling on a Tuesday I knew you would excuse me graciously! Thank you sooo much for being patient with me as I try to get myself ia routine and on track for the 2008. So here is my scripture verse for today...a very fitting one I might add!

But this I say brethren, the time is short... 1 Corinthians 7:29

Wow, where do I start with that one? Time for me is never enough in a 24 hour day. I never seem to have enough time to hang out with the hubby or play with the kids. I never seem to have enough time to clean the kitchen, scrub the bathrooms, floors, vacuum, or do laundry. There never seems to be enough time to finish projects that I've started or even to keep in touch with friends! But most importantly, I try to do all these things that I think I need to get done and I don't save enough time for the most importantly I don't seem to make the most important priority in my life at all on a consistent basis without the help of my awesome hubby, what is more impostant than all that I have listed above you ask? Spending time with my creator! Reading the bible, praying, focusing on what is most important or talking to my friends, neigbors, anyone that will listen about Jesus, my creator. So yes, time is short! Have you made the most of it today? Don't worry about the dirty dishes, the clothes that has to be put away make time for God! He loves you and wants to be in your life daily, he wants a relationship with you, he wants to know that you love him as much as he loves you! No one knows how long they will be here on earth, so while we are here we need to make the most of the time God has given us, make sure you share your faith with your friends, family and complete strangers so that they too can meet Jesus when they get to heaven! The only way to the Father! So go ahead...share Jesus today, make time for Him!

I don't have a tutorial for you today! But I do have a product review and a
little enabling!
What is this little beauty you might ask? Well this my dear friends is my personal favorite adhesive gun! It's called an ATG700 and I am in LOVE with it! It has strong adhesive, it holds 3 different widths of adhesive (if you want to use 1/4 inch adhesive, be sure to purchase the adapter) and the adhesive is very inexpensive (and as much adhesive as I use, I need it to be cheap!) It also holds 1/2inch and 3/4 inch for your bigger projects.
How cheap is the adhesive you as and where can I ge tthis little beauty?
-I got my ATG700 here and the adhesive is $2.44 for a oll of 36 yards...yes 36 yards!!! And if you buy 12 rolls or more then they are only $2.27 not too shabby if you ask me!
How much is the ATG700 and Adapter?
- the ATG700 costs $36.62 (the CHEAPEST I have ever seen it!!!)
- the adapter is $7.33
What if I only want to use 1/4inch tape?
- I would suggest you purchase the ATG714 (red NOT yellow) $36.62 and no need for the adapter saving yourself $7.33
Can I get Acid Free tape?
-YES! it's called Gold and it's not too much more than the regular 1-11 rolls is $2.89 and 12+ rolls is $2.80
How Quick is shipping?
-it depends on where you live, I live in Virginia and got my POD is a few days, and I say POD because it comes all wrapped in bubble wrap and no box...it's the funniest thing!
Is it easy to use?
- In my opinion it is EXTREMELY easy to use, it is a little big, but you'll get used to the size! It's nice that ot's that big, that way you won't loose it...unless you have a HUGE mess like mine! YOu might have some trouble loading it, but if you do you can just read the directions found here, teaching you how to load it...there used to be a cute video out there somewhere, but I can't seem to find it!
So there you have it! If you have any questions please leave me a comment and I will be more than happy to answer it for you!
Happy Stampin!

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Carin said...

I know this is an old post but I am curious about the ATG -- do you have trouble with the adhesive stringing -- you know when you pull it away does it leave little strings of adhesive??? Thanks for the info.