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Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday Festivities

So here are some pictures from Sunday! We went to another birthday party (Niece Olivia's 3rd Birthday! We made the paper once again and I actually remembered to get a picture of David stamping this time!

At fisrt he DID NOT want to stamp because he could not use HIS favorite color GREEN all over the present! But then I told him that he could stamp the leaves green and he warmed up to the idea!

Here is the present all finished up!


Stamps: Flower fest

Paper: White Wrapping paper, pixie pink, yo-yo yellow, whisper white

Ink: yo-yo yellow, pixie pink, green galore

Accessories: scallop punch, colluzzle, curling ribbon, scissors

The misplaced leaves are the loving work of David... I just love how much he enjoyes helping me!

And this is the Royal Backyardigan Pink Panther Pricess Olivia

This little girl is just too funny! When we got there she had to have everyone call her Pink Panther...and if you called her Olivia she would quickly correct you! Then she went upstairs and changed into a dress up dress and everyone called her princess (I think, but chacing my kids around I had trouble keeping up!) And when she is a Bachyardigan she is the infamous Niqua...also know as Uniqua... She is a lot of fun to be around and I am glad we got a chance to help her celebrate her 3rd birthday!

And here are a some pics of my kids at the party!

Here is Emelia in her pink princess outfit and playing "Pablo"...I just love those eyes!

And here is David... I have NO idea what he was doing with his party hat...maybe he was being penguin Pable too! Either way I thought it was a cute picture!

And not for my MOST favorite picture pf the night!!! Are you ready...I hope you are all sitting down!

Isn't this just too cute!!! I know SHE is wearing boy colors, but my mom just happened to LOVE this outfit and it was one of the only clean things I had for her...the rest were in the wash and would NOT be ready for the party, but I think it brings out the blue in her eyes...don't you? She loved wearing that hat... Didn't even mind that it was on her or try to take it off...I just love this little peanut...don't get me wrong I love my other nuts too!

Thanks for stopping by and reliving my weekend with me!

Happy Stampin'


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