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Saturday, January 5, 2008

GOOOOOO Skinssss!!!!!

Look at how cute Andrew looks with all the kids!!!! I just love love love their matching outfits! If we can't all wear tie dye, I will settle for all redskins!!!

Okay so my Catalog Kick off party is now over and we are off to go watch the skins play some ball!!! We are sooo very excited that tey made it to the play offs, can you believe they won 4 games in a row!!!! I am soooo excited! Anyways I just wanted to show you some super cute pictures of our family all ready to root on our favorite team!!!
Don't you just love my PINK jersey! pink is my ULTIMATE favorite color and when I opened this on Christmas day I almost fell off the floor I was sitting on!!!

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Kelli in Kentucky said...

Your family looks so cute. You are very blessed!! I love the wink!! :) Have a great day!!