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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tuesday's Teacher...on Wednesday!

Sorry about the delay...we actually had an AWESOME family day and by then end of it I was too tired to finish my project and created an AWESOME post! LOL so hre we are the midd day of Wednesday and I am just now getting around to Tuesday's teacher!

For I am the least of the apostles...1Corinthians 15:9

So for me this means that although Jeus came to earth to do MANY MANY MANY great things and to teach us how to live our lives (Since our boneheaded ancestors couldn't seem to follow the 10 commandments!) how to love one another and how to teach others about God, we are the ones that will keep his legacy going! It is up to each individual Christian to spread the word of God and to let our friends, co-workers, neighbors, lady on the bus next to us...whoever know that Jesus came to earth, died and rose again for our sins that that we may have eternal life with Him in heaven! Have you shared your faith today? Be a great apostle, share his love, be a Christian, but most importantly act like a christian so that Gods love may shine through you!

Coaster Pocket BooK
I put together a little pocket book so that I can send one of my friends a little book filled with different stamped images and punches shapes! I love how it turned out and am hopping you will too.
Supplies needed: designer paper, ribbon, eyelets, Crop-a-dial, cardstock (2 different colors) coasters, Modpodge, foam brush, stamps and ink, punches and several different images to add to the inside pockets!

1 piece of CardStock 4x6
4 pieces of Designer paper 4x6
4 pieces of Designer paper 4x4
2 pieces of ribbon 12 inches long each

The first thing you want to do is cover each side of your coasters with different papers so that the front and back covers look alike and the insides look alike as well! Once you have covered you coasters you will want to use some sand paper or sanding blocks and sand all the edges to make them rounded like the coasters. (I sually get the sides too! I'm too lazy to line it up exactly when I'm gluing!)

Once you are done sanding...your coasters should look like this and you are ready to move on to the next step! (some people choose to to add Modpodge to the outside of their books too, it is totally up to you!)

At this point you will wan to get the piece of 4x6 cardstock out and score it every 3/4 of an inch.

The longes you make your binding the more pages you can have...my book only holds 2 pages (front and back...4 pockets)

Once it is score you will wan to accordian fold it and adhere it to the coasters ( I used Modpodge to adhere it, but you can also use sticky strip)
While you are adhering the center binding, be sure to also add the ribbon for the closure!

This is the inside view of the book so far.

And this is the outside view! Doesn't it look pretty so far?

Nest step is to add the pages to the inside!

okay this is what you want your pages to look like! You will need to get the pieces of designer paper that measure 4x6 and score them at 2 inches

fold the small side up so that you have a little pocket.

then you will wan to adhere the sides closed.
Finally you want to round the corners...be sure to round the far opposite corners so that when they are back to back they will line up properly!

The next step is to add adhesive to the back of the pockets (I used my trusty ATG700) and add the pages to either side of the "mountain" inside the book...each side of the page will be on one side of the mountain...am I making any sense? do his for both pages!

And this is the inside pages all finished up...they even have die cuts and images in them for you to see! I love how this turned out and I hope the gal I give it to loves it too!


Anonymous said...


I made one of these little books about a year ago and I LOVE how it turned out. Thanks for the reminder. I gotta make some more of these since I still have some coasters.(thanks to you, wink wink)


Anonymous said...

hello! What a great idea with the coasters...could you please tell me where you purchase them! thanks so much!

stampinsilvia said...

hi there, I actually buy the coasters in bulk and then sell them! Let me know if you need any!