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Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Rak and some snow!

I got this GORGEOUS card from Amanda (tropicalichick on SCS) yesterday! What an awesome suprize! I absolutely LOVE love love this stamp set and I can tell she used the matching punch...lucky girl! I love the colors she used and the simplicity of the whole thing is just superbly beautiful! Yhanks Amanda for thinking of me! YOu can check out her blog here! Thanks for being my friend anc chatting with me on SCS, what fun times!!!
For those of you that might not know a RAK is a Random Act Of Kindness. And we just LOVE sending cards to each other. I can't wait to get my hands on this set...too cute!!!

Unfortunately I haven gotten a chance to stamp yet today, but it has been nice hanging out with the family and making chocolate chip cookies (andrew's Fav!)

Now for some snow pictures!

Here are my 3 sweeties all bundled up and ready to venture out into the cold cold snow (for those of you that don't know me so well, I hate hate hate the cold! I'm a Florida beach girl myself!) although I do like to go sledding from time to time! Maybe next year when Bella gets a little oder we will all go out...with a really good snowsuit that is!

So our poor sweet little Bella Didn't get to go outside...for many reasons...one she still has a cold, 2 no snow suit and 3 Mommy was making lunch and baking cookies!

I don't think she really liked how it felt on her hands, but she loved it when I put it in her mouth! Bella just turned 8 months yesterday and is crawling like a champ...and her second tooth is about to come through...What in the world! Pretty soon she'll be in college!!!

Here they are making snow balls and getting ready to through them at eachother! Aren't they adorableAndrew is the best Dad ever... I would be FREEZING out there...maybe I need a snow suit???

WOW looks at this little beauty! She is just becoming her own person these days. A super cute personality...very strong willed and sometimes I just wanna scream...God must be polishing me with her, I may have some rough edges that need to be worked on because she can really push some of my buttons sometimes! Patience it soooo hard to obtain!

Would you take a look at this handsome boy!!!! He is just such a sunshine and pleasure to be around (most of the time, I hope you don't think I have angel hildren, but I try to focus on the positive!) He has the best smile and the most contagious laugh. He's an amazinf helper and takes such pride in helping do his chores (yes, he does chores! I know he's only 3...almost 4, but you gotta start them yooung!! He vacuums his room and mops the entry...does a good job too!) Anyways, one look into those eyes and he just melts you! I love you soo much David!

They had such an awesome time out there and I am sooo happy that Daddy was home today so they wouldn't be asking me all day when they could go play in the snow!! I hope you have enjoyed our little family day! May God bless you and keep you safe!

Happy Stampin!


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