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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cookie Contest and ooppsss'

Okay so yesterday at Church we had our second annual cookie contest and I was making the prizes, they consist of an appron with the church initials, year and catagory that you won in. Anyways I was stamping them (with Craft ink!) and was looking and looking and thought to myself...gee something doesn't look right! So I called my friend Dana and asked her how to spell original and she told me and I say uhhh ohhhh, I think I spelled it wronf on the apron! Sure enough I added an O where the shouldn't be one! Ohh well I always say that I'm not an American so I have an excuse and moved on. We came up with a great solution to my mistake too! So what do you think? It's "Origional" right?
Now here is how I packaged up the prizes...don't they look festive? This year the prize was a golden spatula award, as well as an ornament for the tree and of course the apron, so you don't get dirty next year making more cookies! ( I got the aprons at ACMoore by the way!)

And here are the winners! Thanks to all that participated, I had a lot o fun! I can't believ that I won!!!! And I know that the folks at the nursing home will LOVE getting these as a special treat!
From left to right: Maria and Haley (grand Champion) Erin and kids (most Festive) ME!!! and Bella (Best Traditional), Lane Kids (BestOrigional) They will forever get a good laugh at me and my BAD spelling!
Thanks to all that participated...what a blast!

BTW, when you are stamping on clothing with the craft ink, please be sure that after they are dry, stick them in the dryer for about 20 minutes so that the ink can set...after that you can wash as normal! I will be posting more stamping on clothing soon! It just looks so cute and you can personalize anything!!!

So you are probably wondering what the categories are for the cookie contest right? Well thanks to the Awesome Nikki, one of my dear friends and downline ( I borrowed the idea from her, she does this annually at her house!!!)
Grand Champion- best cookie of the night

Most Festive- usually based on display and fetiveness of the cookie

Best Traditional- you know your chocolate chip, snickerdoodles, ginger snaps, sugar cookies, things like that
Most Original- unique cookies
Thanks For looking and don't foeget to enjoy your Christmas season with your loved one!
Happy Stampin'

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