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Friday, December 28, 2007

A new brochure, cool bag and scary stuff!!!

OKay first I just wanted to let you all know that I get the NEW SALE-A-BRATION catalog and it is to die for!!!! There are some super cute stamps in there and some AWESOME RUB-ONS!!!!! here is a picture of the cover, yours should be on the way soon!
I am very excited about this Sale-a-bration, not only because you get FREE stamps with a $50 purchase, but also because this will be my very fisrt Sale-a-bration with the new catalog in January...which are here at my house as we speak! If you would like to pick yours up just give me a ring!

I have some awesome projects planned for the 5th (my catalog kick off party) and I can not wait to share them with you!!!

A Pink Beauty just for me!

Let me just preface this by telling you that when I went shopping for Hubby's Birthday present and other Christmas presents I looked at this awesome tote longingly, wanting needing to caress it but knew I just could not justify such a sweet, precious, adorable purchase for myself at Christmas time! (Isn't God great? He knows the desires of our hearts and want us to be happy!)

This totally cool tote that two of my closest friends got me for Christmas (Thanks Nikki and Danielle, you ladies ROCK!!!) I love it not only because it has some awesome compartments, looks cool and it's my FAVORITE color in the WHOLE world, but it also has a mini tote, a teeny tine little companion for me to put all my little tools and accessories that I HAD to have and are cluttering up my space (soon to be seen!) I love pink and plack and you know Polka dots are soooo in right now!

I know I know, how in the WORLD can I create masterieces to share with you if I have absolutely NOplace to sit down and NO place to even put a small 4.25x5.5 size piece of card stock??? I PROMISE to get this place cleaned up and ready to create by the time of my catalog kickoff party! I really am hanging my head in shame but wanted to share my dirty little secret with you so that I might be acountable to someone for getting this MESS cleaned up. The trouble is that I can't even say that the kids did it, they can't even reach the door knobb!!! I am a messy stamper, what can I say! Dottie, I know that if you are looking at my stamp room right now you are not please with me! Same goes for Danielle, she is the NEATEST stamper I have EVER met! I need to show you pictures of her TOTALLY AWESOME stamp room! Okay thats enough rambling! please lashes only with wet noodles!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. That looks exactly like my stamping room and the overflow to the living room! Hey. When you get yours straightened out, will you come help me?

Val said...

So exciting that Bella is crawling. The card is really cute. Going to share your Blog with others. You truly make me smile when I read your blog.